Who we are

eShip’s parent company, Forex Cargo Inc. (a California, USA company) has been a pioneer in Filipino market-based businesses for 35 years: 

Established money remittance

Began its Balikbayan box door-to-door shipping/delivery service

Started its online shopping service to Filipino consumers in the Philippines.

Continuing with its mission to provide the global market, especially hard to reach locations, access to products through its shipping and fulfillment services, Forex Cargo Inc. launched its own Philippine-based logistics management company, eShip BPO

“At eShip and Forex Cargo, we look beyond competition and focus on synergism. By putting passion and decades of experience together, we are able to offer our logistics capabilities packaged seamlessly with software, marketing and customer support services. This unique combination can help our customers and affiliates ultimately be more successful.”
Mike Claudio, CEO

Our Mission

To help other logistics and ecommerce companies be more successful by providing them an effective combination of business services that yield happy customers.

Our Values

At any level of our customers’ needs and budgets, our goal is to be resourceful as possible to yield the most effective and efficient results for our customers.

As part of the ecommerce and logistics community, we have utmost commitment towards the success of small- and medium-sized entrepreneurial businesses.  Our success is based on our customers’ success.

In order to effectively and seamlessly operate on behalf of our business customers and vendors, transparency is paramount to our communications.

Our Services

“We offer logistics solutions with value-added services that can help you transform your business into a brand that is markedly different. Together we can.”

Logistics Management
Delivery Management
Warehouse Management
Route Optimization
Inventory Management
Order Fulfillment Management

Value-added Services

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